Society Registration

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What should one know about society registration?

When people band together for a common goal or altruistic cause, a society is created. A society needs a minimum of seven members to be formed. Furthermore, the “Societies Act, 1860” governs these societies. State-to-state variations may exist in these laws and regulations.

What documents are required for the same?

All members of the society’s PAN cards must be sent with the application.

All members of the society must provide proof of residency along with the following details (MoA).

The society’s goals and activities

It will include the society’s registered office address;

the details of each member who founded the society.

Guidelines and Policies of the Association

Details about the auditors

There will also be a discussion of methods for society to fall apart.

It will include guidelines for obtaining society membership.

procedures for arbitration in the event that a disagreement arises amongst members of the society;

It is necessary to include information about the society meeting, including the date and time of future meetings.

Conclusion: A copy of the proof of address where a society’s registered office is located and, if applicable, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the landlord are required to be attached. An application will include a covering letter that outlines the purpose for which the society is being founded. All of the society’s founding members will properly sign it.