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What should one know about shop registration?

The Shop and Establishment Act, which governs and supervises any location where a trade, business, or profession is practiced, is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Labor. In addition to businesses, the act also governs societies, charitable trusts, printing companies, schools, and other places where stock- or share-broking, banking, insurance, or other related activities are conducted.

What documents are required for one-shop registration?



Driver’s license,

Voter ID

Owner photo (front view of shop with owner)

Rent Agreement, If Rented

Electricity Bill

Certificate of Incorporation

Company’s AOA/MOA/LLP Agreement

A copy of the board resolution (if the business is a partnership) or the partners’ consent

A list of the partners and directors, their address, and any identification proof they may have

Specifics of the current workforce

Along with these documents, a statutory fee (the exact amount varies by state) must be provided. Certain states determine the cost based on the kind of business, while others base it on the size of the workforce.

Conclusion: Should the store or establishment determine that it is best to close, the occupant must notify the Chief Inspector in writing within 15 days of the closure. The shop or commercial establishment will be taken out of the register and the registration certificate cancelled by the Chief Inspector after reviewing the request.